söndag 21 april 2013

.:In the hand of a friend:.

When suddenly a photo falls from a shelf for no reason at all and lands right by your feet...
 Makes you kind of wonder... why did it fall just that day? And how come she just knew?
That phonecall that perticular day made a huge change.
She's my friend and she means the world to me ♥ 
 I chose the clocks to symbolize that time DOES make a difference! 
Time to heal
The right time
The time when you dare to listen to your heart  
The time when you just know you can make a difference.
So... Everything sort of revolves around time in different ways ofcourse ;)
But simplifyed: Time matters ♥
I found a cute sketch over at Hobbyworld and yesterday at our scrapdate I finally found the rigt pic to go with my idea. And this was it ♥
Have a great sunday everyone!
.:Hugs /Karin:.

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