tisdag 17 juli 2018

.:The Love for seashells and stuff:.

I usually complain about my bad memory and so on, but I've come to realize
this is partually not true at all!
Some things just stick! I have a really crazy memory of stones, shells and sand?!
All around our house I have small (or large if you ask my husband) groups of memories in Bowls and on trays...
Just to show how weird my memory about this is I'll show you below:
(and still I can't remember the grocery list without writing it down)
2 kg sand from Venice beach, California 2017.
Shells and corals from Fort Lauderdale, Florida 1982.
(I've saved them since I was 6 years old)
Corals from Florida, USA 1983 + 2002
Shells from Canary Island and Cyprus, Greece.
Some of them handpicked and the rest baught from a souvenir shop on the baech.
(couldn't resist them)
Some of my favorites!
All the large White ones (5kg total) from Koh Phangan, Thailand 2005.
I found them the first week out of a total of five weeks vacation and had to carry them in my backpack for all the rest of our stay. SO Worth it! :)
This cutie is from when I was seven. I picked it with my dad a early morning i Florida 1983.
He understood my love for Seashells and took me to the beach early in the morning before anyone else was awake. Best time of day to find gorgeous ones!
My last pic is a mixture of memories...
The fine sand up on the left is from my favorite Island in the Swedish archipelago.
Sand up on the right is from the Island Kefalonia, Greece. Myrtos Beach.
This perticular beach was nominated one of the seven most Beautiful beaches in the World.
The Shells in the Little glass jar are mini ones from Fort Lauderdale 1982-1983.
In front a mixture of Florida, Greece, Mallorca, spain P
ortugal and Thailand. And a part from a necklace oni top.
The White Starfish is a "fake" one. I just really liked them so they got a place there too.
So.. In conclusion of the memory I have of each and every one of theese small handpicked memories, I've come to realize that if it's a thing adored I will remember it.
If not such as as grocery list or watering a plant... My mind is just not there! ;)
Weird how the mind works!
Sorry I took so much of your time! ;)
But thanks alot for stopping by.
Wish you all a really great day!
Hugs from me

söndag 15 juli 2018

.:Back to the future:.

Hi Everyone!
Alot has happened and time just flies!
Just a few uppdates:
I got married this June :)
Time up until the wedding was pretty hectic, but everything fell into place when the day actually arrived. so all the hard work payed off! ;)
I've moved my creative room witch has been a longer period of all of my goodies in boxes :/
(no fun)
But now it´s finally in order again and the creative process can start again!
Just going through my already done Projects makes me wanna start right away.
Here's som of my favorites:
 A jewelry box with hand made roses out of White coffee filters.
(so much fun to make them)

A layout of my son with alot of different layers and textures.
 Layout with one of those special moments when you can actually capture natures wonderfull surprices in Life. A thirsty butterfly landed on my hand by the pool hoping for a splash of water coming its way.
 Happy Birthday card for a sweet Little girl
 A layout with my sweet girl
 A layout of me made after a sketch in my absolute favorite color ♥
 A layout whith layers and lots of mixed media Products featuring one of my favorite spots.
 .:Summers make me happy:.
 An altered box for my craftroom

 .:my kiddos:.
 A weddingcard
 Vacation memories
 Back memory lane.. My son as a baby.
 A girl power card ;)
 A Clean and simple card
 An envelope card

Another wedding card for a sweet friend.

 A journaling book for my niece
 An altered birdhouse with summer memories with the kids.
 Birthday card ♥
 A card for a new born sweet Little boy.
 A box of matches.

 Two gift wrapped boxes of chocolate
 Home made mini homes for candy :)
 Two cards made with my own Collection of birdie-stamps..

A card for a sweet friend.
A layout with my baby boy back in the Days...
A bithday card 

Thanks for stopping by :)
I'm looking forward to new scrappy days ahead
Wish you all a really great summer!
Hugs from

söndag 28 januari 2018

So it's 2018.. it's been a long time...

Hi everyone ♥
Long time no see!
Hope you all had a fabulous 2017.
I've been busy living a pretty normal life... Kids, full time work, fixing of the house and garden, socializing with friends and family.
I also had the awesome privilege of getting to be an aunt for the first time.
In my life there is now a litte prince with the name of Harry.
He is my sunshine ♥
And I've been given the honour of beeing his god mother, and I love it.
First pic below is Three of last years cards and also a nem birdie stamp.
I'm still not sure if I should continue drawing stamps...
I'm in the case of that happening only gonna do them as digital stamps for starters.

The other thing that caught my Eye this past year was the art of fomirian flowers ♥
And I of course had to try making them...

The little sleeping beauty down left is my sweethart nephew Harry ♥
The right hand picture is the view from our balcony at home.
The colors still totally blow me away each and every time!
I'm trying my best to resolve what I should and would like to do with my life...
But it's hard!
I'm not sure what I should do or what I'm supposed to do in my future...
I love to create and I wish that could actually be my thing to do...
But the only thing I'm sure of is that it's MY life and I should live it MY own way.
It will be ok? Right?
Or am I supposed to live the life I have, just because it's my everyday normal life?
You know what?!
In september 10th my man proposed to me ♥
This is the one thing we hav'nt done in all of theese years of beeing a couple.
We built a house from scratch, we've travelled, we've had two wonderful kids!
I've done so much with this man of mine.
And during 2018 we are going to get married! ♥
I'm not sure where or exactly when... But it's gonna happen.
It's time ♥
Well for today... Good night and hope to be back soon again with some more news :)
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