söndag 28 januari 2018

So it's 2018.. it's been a long time...

Hi everyone ♥
Long time no see!
Hope you all had a fabulous 2017.
I've been busy living a pretty normal life... Kids, full time work, fixing of the house and garden, socializing with friends and family.
I also had the awesome privilege of getting to be an aunt for the first time.
In my life there is now a litte prince with the name of Harry.
He is my sunshine ♥
And I've been given the honour of beeing his god mother, and I love it.
First pic below is Three of last years cards and also a nem birdie stamp.
I'm still not sure if I should continue drawing stamps...
I'm in the case of that happening only gonna do them as digital stamps for starters.

The other thing that caught my Eye this past year was the art of fomirian flowers ♥
And I of course had to try making them...

The little sleeping beauty down left is my sweethart nephew Harry ♥
The right hand picture is the view from our balcony at home.
The colors still totally blow me away each and every time!
I'm trying my best to resolve what I should and would like to do with my life...
But it's hard!
I'm not sure what I should do or what I'm supposed to do in my future...
I love to create and I wish that could actually be my thing to do...
But the only thing I'm sure of is that it's MY life and I should live it MY own way.
It will be ok? Right?
Or am I supposed to live the life I have, just because it's my everyday normal life?
You know what?!
In september 10th my man proposed to me ♥
This is the one thing we hav'nt done in all of theese years of beeing a couple.
We built a house from scratch, we've travelled, we've had two wonderful kids!
I've done so much with this man of mine.
And during 2018 we are going to get married! ♥
I'm not sure where or exactly when... But it's gonna happen.
It's time ♥
Well for today... Good night and hope to be back soon again with some more news :)
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