fredag 30 mars 2012

.:Prima paintables:.

Happy Friday everyone! :)
Today I have a "painted" one to show you. I loved the prima paintables when they came. Wanted them ALL! ;) And this weekend I found one I've not seen before. Wonder how I missed this one?!
So.. Started painting with watercolors and this is how it looked before...

And here's how it turned out when I was done. I painted an extra "photoframe" inside the circle to match the rest of the paper.

The picture is taken last summer on a country road on this beautiful day visiting friends.. I love this picture of her. She explores the countryside barefoot, sun is shining and to sum things up this was just one of those perfect days :)

Text: The road she walks...

Have a great friday and I hope you all have a great weekend!
Hugs/ Karin

tisdag 27 mars 2012

.:Love you like my own:.

I have the great pleasure of having a little one in my life again. She's as cute as a button, has the cutest little laughter and puts on the sweetest smile lighting up the whole room when we meet.
Her name is Hilda and she's soon to be 10 months old. Her mom is one of my best friends and I get to be aunty to this sweet little baby girl since her mom has been like a sister to me for a very long time.  
We share so many memories. Serious, funny and some of them quite crazy but all cherished ones to be remembered with laughter and rosy cheeks ;)
One of those odd memories we have together is that we injured a knee/foot on the same day, went to the hospital and ended up with crutches. Meeting that same day for lunch we realized (after laughing ourselves into a pile on the floor) how ridiculous we looked now together...
We decided to take turns in public walking on crutches... Turned out to be a stupid and pretty painful experience in the end. But back then... Appearances were a huge issue to be considered. We really felt that stupid walking on crutches together that we'd rather be in pain than look weird?!
So picture this: Two girls walking around at the mall giggeling hysterically. One on crutches and the other one limping and trying hard to walk normal but holding on to anything steady she passes!
Jupp.. That's us! Two nuts in one shell.
13 years ago I practically lived at her house. So much and so often that her newborn son at that time called us both mom and had daddy pretty confused there for a while trying to sort out how to explain this later on in life ;) Poor guy. We didn't make things easy for him... ha ha
Anyhow... Today my kids have turned 4 and 6 and it feels great having them grown up a bit and being able to talk to them and have them do certain things all by them selves ;)
But with this little one I can sort of have it all! I meen all the good stuff without the hard parts! All I have to do is be around her for laughter and playtime and at night when she decides not to sleep mommy takes her and then again the next day I get to be there for the sunshine moments! :) I guess this must be like beeing a grandmother? ;) Getting all the fun and easy parts with love and laughter and then turning them over to their parents again for the normal daily stuff? I almost feel bad now!

I've created a page with this adorable little child in my life...
text: Love you like my own.

I took this picture of her when she turned five months.

What a glory to be blessed with kids! And now I get to be godmother and aunty to this sweet one too. Love her sister and brother just the same! So there's gonna be alot of time and love spent together and fortunately we all get along! Kids, dads and moms so this is gonna be a great year :)

Hope you all have a great day! Thanks for stopping by ;)

torsdag 22 mars 2012

.:A card holding a hug:.

Had a little thing happening when I made this card.... Stamping with the right colours (for watercoloring) on watercolorpaper with just the right amount of space around them for prechosen dies...
Now... Watercolors ready... And as soon as I started coloring I realized my huge mistake!
Wrong paper! Mumbling a few not happy words, staring at theese prestamped figures (about eight of them) wondering why I had to be so prepared this time?! I had cleaned all the stamps already, stored them away in their right places and packed all the stuff away for a nice happy painting moment....
Mumbling again... Then after a moments thinking (and som more mumbling) I decided to try and make the best of it. The thing with this paper is that it "bleeds" more than a thinner one. So coloring inside the lines i just not happening! But with determination and stubborness you can come a loooong way ;)
And here's how the card turned out in the end:
A not so happy beginning tured out to be an okay ending ;) So... If you run in to trouble along the way? It's not always necessary to start all over again. Sometimes you just have to look at it in a different way and then take it from there. Sort of happens to me all the time! ;) But doing things diffrently takes us to new exiting places and perhaps we even get to learn somthing along the way?

I've heard that if you learn ONE new thing every day it helps your mind stay focused and "young" :)
So I choose to se this as a new thing I learned that day! ;)

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day out there!
Hugs/ Karin

.:Syskon kärlek:.

At kindergrden we always get a chance of taking siblings pictures. But this year was different. The company coming to do all the pics had doublebooked! So siblings pictures was not going to happen. But I really wanted to have them together so that morning we got up a bit earlier and took them at home :) A moms gotta do what a moms gotta do! ;)

And this is one of those we took at home.
I'm so happy that they cooperated this morning and actually sat still for five seconds together without a fuzz! ;)
I've used a swirly die to form the shape of a heart and then decorated with cleargloss, glitter, pearls and bling. Some of the flowers are hand made of the same greene paper to make it all go together a bit more.

Later today I'll show you a card that went totally wrong from the beginning ;) but I decided to go with it anyways.

Thanks for stopping by :)
Hugs/ Karin


Hi everyone!
Yesterday held a happy surpice in hand :)
I applied for a spot on the fabulous Heartfelt Creations Team and guess what?! I made it to semifinals! :) -yeijj!!
I'm so proud and honored that I got this far and I am so excited to do the projects for next round!
If you havn't visited this wonderful place yet then be ready to be amazed at Heartfelt Creations US
And here's a link to their fabulous blog and gallery.

Theese are the pics I sent in:

Thank you all for stopping by! And hope you all have a happy thursday! :)
Smiling hugs/ Karin

onsdag 21 mars 2012

.:Stamps and scissors:.

How I love all of this! First of all... Love is probably not a strong enough word for the feelings I have for this little boy of mine! He has a heart of gold, a giggle that melts my heart and best of all he's filled with hugs and kisses.

Then there's the love I have for that scissor of mine ;) Figure-cutting is just so much FUN!
And then when it comes to stamps... There's just an endless way of using them! This stamp is a huge one! But I added just selected areas of the stamp with color and then smooched over the stamped area with a thin layer of color to soften the feeling and make it look worn.
One of my best tips probably when it comes to scrapbooking is try to make your photos in black and white. This makes it so much easier when selecting the papers and decorations to your project. :)
Have a great day everyone! And thanks for stopping by!
Hugs/ Karin

.:Defenitly a woman:.

I'm very Definitly a woman -And I enjoy it! -Marilyn Monroe
This is a piece just in my style. Chabby, Vintage, soft colors, lots of details and with a quote as a title...
I chose to play with the photo in photoshop before doing this layout. A bit of a Marilyn inspired quartet to go with the quote.
A great Wednesday to all of you! Hugs/ Karin

.:When it comes to what we need:.

First of all! I have a new addiction! It completely absorbs my brain and I could probably spend 24/7 doing it! So.. Should I tell you? Probably not ;) But as you probably know by now... I can't help it! I just HAVE to tell you! :D I'm totally hooked on Pinterest! to be exact. First there was facebook... (not that addictive to me..) then cam words and wordfeud... Probably spent a liiiiittle to much time there :P But seriously!!! They have absolutely EVERYTHING on pinterest! and then some! ;)
För det första! Jag har en ny passion! Den tar totalt över min exsistens och kunde jag skulle jag troligtvis spendera 24/7 med detta! Så... Borde jag ens berätta? Troligtvis inte ;) men som ni trol redan vet så.. Jag kan inte hjälpa det! Jag måste ju berätta! :D Jag är helt fast i Pinterest! för att vara mer exakt. Där finns precis ALLT! Och även lite till! ;)

So... My latest project... I really NEED to find all possible good ideas for a scrap/craftspace! Or should I as my dear soulmate puts it... -the office dear! (I still call it MY craftspace but in a slightly softer voice so that he wont hear me... )
Jo, mitt senaste projekt... Jag är totalt fast i att leta bilder på scrap/hobbyrum! Eller som sambon lite snyggt säger när jag babblar om det här hemma... -KONTOOOORET älskling! (men jag kallar det fortfarande för MITT scraprum, men kanske lite tystare och kaaanske så att han inte hör mig ;) hihi)

Anyhow... I keep stumbeling over one great pic after another! And now I just wonder how will I ever be able to fit them all in one room and how will I ever get it all to fit in there?! And then be able to get in all my scrappy stuff without having the room look like a disasterarea?! *lol*
Hursomhelst... Jag snubblar dagligen över den ena bra bilden efter den andra! Men frågan är ju bara hur jag ska få in alla dessa briljanta idéer i ett och samma rum?! Och sen efter det få in alla scrapsaker utan att det ser ut som ett katastrofområde?! ha ha ha...
Here's a few pics I've saved:
Här kommer iaf ett par bilder jag sparat:  

(all pics from Pinterest)
Gaaah!!! All theese fabulous ideas all in one place... I'm seriously going out of my mind! The problem though is that the planned area for this room is currently our bedroom! :P So... To be able to do anything of all theese bubbling ideas we really have to get a move on upstairs! Bedrooms etc upstairs have to be all done before I can even start planning for my long-awaited room <3

But in this stage I just wish I had a magic wand and coukld just wiff wiff wiff and it all would be DONE! :D ;) But it simply does'nt work like that? Does it?!

So.. if you have a good or great idea? ;) Hit me! I'm harvesting all good ideas for storage, diplays, smart hangings etc!

One of my newest problems is actually two problems combined into one... ;)
I "need" a new printer ;) Problem: I already have one! And number two: I have no smart place to actually put it! *lol* But it's such a beautiful thing! It prints pitures you can paint watercolors on without the lines getting totally ruined. AND you can print directly on to watercoloring papers! <3 Just love this! digital stamps just found a new way in to my heart! :D

Oh well! Time to focus now on getting to work! ;)
Have a GREAT day everyone! And thanks so much for stopping by! :)
Hugs/ Karin

tisdag 20 mars 2012

.:Time is precious:.

I really have to rethink the wonderful idea of blogging from my phone :/
Pics are NOT great *giggle* (defenitly will repost new ones later!)

 She's all up in the mystery of her lights an he's just waiting for the perfect moment to snatch that marvelous crown! *lol*
Short one today... Hope you have a great day though! ;)

måndag 19 mars 2012

.:I wonder:.

Ännu en layout från helgen som gick... Ursäkta fotokvaliteten! bloggar från mobilen ;)
Här var en utmaning att scrappa i tre färger vara en skulle vara svart. Och såhär blev mitt resultat:
Another layout from last weekend... Sorry about the quality of the photo! Blogging from my iPhone ;)
This challenge had the following rules: only three colors where one of them had to be black. And this i how mine turned out:  
 svart, vitt och blått :)
black, white and blue :)
Imorgon en till av skapelserna från helgen ;) Hoppas ni alla får en riktigt fin dag! :) KRAM!
Tomorrow I'll show you another one of the layouts from the weekend ;) Hope you all will have a great day! :) Hugs!/Karin

söndag 18 mars 2012

.:Spring With You:.

I started out this morning with an hours powerwalk with a friend. I honestly have to confess that it was one of the tuffest walks I've done. After beeing home with the winter flu recently my whole body screamed "I wanna stop, have a coffee and maybe grab a cab home after that!" *lol*
Anyhow. I felt the spring in the air and even if the spring did its best to cool us of it still was not as cold as the last time I was out. Spring is near! Small hints in nature tells me that it won't be that long now.

Last weekend at a scrapevent I made this layout of me and my son having the best mother/son day.
I just love his way of looking at me in this pic. With a hidden smile, curious look and just seconds away from bursting out in laughter.
Using three different dies and then wishing I had a branchdie of some sort to put my little bird on... But no... Nothing even resembling a branch was to be found.... So... What to do? A whole lot of papers and probably seven or eight different scissors (jupp... kind of nuts! I know... But they are all so good for different things ;)) So the result of paper meets scissor finally came out as a little branch for the cute bird.
This is probably not the colors I most often use, but infuenced by spring and sunshine they sort of spoke to me this time. Yellow has for a long time been a hard color for me to use alongside with purple and orange... But sometimes you just gotta give it a go! ;)

Have a great day everyone and thanks for stopping by! :)

lördag 17 mars 2012

.:Lovely Surprice:.

Weekend arrives in a great way!

After a long week a happy little surprice knocked at our front door.
Flowers were delivered in lovely spring colors with the sweetest message.
.:Never forget that you ar unique and amazing:.
My whole heart filled up with smiles and a warm cuddely feeling!
Never underestimate the power of friends. All my love to you!
Efter en lång vecka knackade en ljuvlig liten överaskning på dörren denna fredag.
Fick blomsterbud men en underbar bukett i vårens färger med ett alldeles fantastiskt litet meddelande.
.:Du är unik och fantastisk - Glöm inte det! Varma kramar:.
Hela mitt hjärtafylldes med sora leenden och en varm härlig känsla!
Man ska aldrig underskatta sina vänner. Kärlek till avsändaren!
What a wonderful way to start the weekend! :)
Vilket underbart sätt att starta helgen!

Thank you all for stopping by and hope you have a great weekend!

Huge hugs! /Karin

fredag 16 mars 2012

.:For old times sake:.

Sometimes I wonder... (or actually... I'm always thinking about suff ;)) What did I do last year? I'm thinking scrapwise ;) So I started looking througt layouts, cards and alters. And I'm actually amazed about several things! Different styles, techniques and colourmixes. So I decided to blog a bit about it.

Here it goes :)

first out three different layouts all containing chipboard of different shapes and styles.

An altered round box for saving money. HUGE! I know! ;) But extremely smart choise since the savings goes to scrapbooking! *lol*

Family pics surrounded by cutout details and homemade flowers...

My sweet little baby girl... I drew the frame an then colord it with all bright and happy colors all found in the photo.
A birthdaycard for a little prins. A spring birthday and a cute Magnolia Stamp colored with watercolors.
A layout done for a guest DT assignment.
Two birthdaycards för a little boys colored with PRO Markers.

Me and Annette from Magdas. For two years I designed at the Magdas Team. And today she still is one of my closest friends. Therefor the text: friends for a reason. The story of how we met and conected stays in my heart forever.
A card made with disresspads and different layers of stamps.

For a happy little 5 year old boy. Stamp from the greeting farm and dies from Spellbinders and Tim Holtz.
Clean and simple wirh some handmade flowers, washi tape, metal embellishments and som satin and lace to soften the look a bit ;)

The love of my life. Creating a layout in pale colours and finiching up with a touch og deep red :)
A card filled with hours of work *lol* It may look simple, but on all the small details in the paper there's crackle accents and glitter stickles. The motif is a result of five different stamps over a distressed square.

Clean and simple for a change :) But still... I couldn't really let go... So a few hommade flowers just had to be added ;)

I can't help it ;)

Trying new things. Mist and flowers made out of fabrics and laces. This definetly stayd with me for a while! Loved making those flowers! ;)
Found my pens again.. And out came mushrooms and flowers?! Named the layout "living within". And the journaling under tells about the cravings sometimes for "doodling". And out comes one thing after another and not always explainable ;)
And then a quite talking piece of my son. The clown of the family and with his great sence of humor and facegames he always puts a huge smile on my face! This was supposed to be a picture to send at christmastime... Turned out to be just loads of fun instead *lol* In the little envelope there is a letter telling the store for him to reed in the future.

And a almost white one with the man in my life.

A homemade box with different kinds of homemade flowers and ribbons for one of my classes just to show how much you can create with just two papers and som glue ;)
Making easter birdhouses with the kids :)

Flowery explosion after a sketch.
Handmade box with handmade flowers :)

"living in the moment"
love theese flowers! So easy to make!

Clean and simlpe and with a cute girly stamp from the greeting farm.

Homemade "stamp" (by me) colored with PRO Markers for Christmas.
Another one.. This time with just text and a snowflake.
And then one of my little creations that popped out of my pen. I have no idea if he's a owl or a raindeer *lol* But I liked him. So last year he figured on a few christmascards ;) Made a pop-up frame and flowers to make them feel at home ;)

And then a BOM about "just beeing me"

My little pirate ;)

Summer sweet boy of mine! Jupp, I sort of went nuts again stamping and cutting on this one! ;)
For a contest were there had to be stamps and some sort of fabric included :)

"circle of life"
a early picture of a mini mini me...
Again... Stamping and cutting... ;) (for swedish champion 2010)
A layout where averything had to be made out of paper. Everything!  (for swedish champion 2010)

One of my doodeled "friends". This one was feetured as a stamp in the first collection out of two.

Amazing how things change in time... And so much fun to go through old stuff and remeber where you were and what it evolved to years later.

Now time to celebrate friday and plan for the weekend.
Tonight family dinner and lit candles.
After a week of kids with a cold we're worth it! ;)

Huge hugs to all of you and have th BEST weekend!
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