torsdag 22 mars 2012


Hi everyone!
Yesterday held a happy surpice in hand :)
I applied for a spot on the fabulous Heartfelt Creations Team and guess what?! I made it to semifinals! :) -yeijj!!
I'm so proud and honored that I got this far and I am so excited to do the projects for next round!
If you havn't visited this wonderful place yet then be ready to be amazed at Heartfelt Creations US
And here's a link to their fabulous blog and gallery.

Theese are the pics I sent in:

Thank you all for stopping by! And hope you all have a happy thursday! :)
Smiling hugs/ Karin

2 kommentarer:

Marie sa...

Grattis i massor. Så roligt men layouterna är inte av denna värld så fina är dom.

Ulrika aka LillBlomman sa...

Grattis! Du kommer gå hela vägen!! Måste kika in och se vad det är! Kram!

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