söndag 18 mars 2012

.:Spring With You:.

I started out this morning with an hours powerwalk with a friend. I honestly have to confess that it was one of the tuffest walks I've done. After beeing home with the winter flu recently my whole body screamed "I wanna stop, have a coffee and maybe grab a cab home after that!" *lol*
Anyhow. I felt the spring in the air and even if the spring did its best to cool us of it still was not as cold as the last time I was out. Spring is near! Small hints in nature tells me that it won't be that long now.

Last weekend at a scrapevent I made this layout of me and my son having the best mother/son day.
I just love his way of looking at me in this pic. With a hidden smile, curious look and just seconds away from bursting out in laughter.
Using three different dies and then wishing I had a branchdie of some sort to put my little bird on... But no... Nothing even resembling a branch was to be found.... So... What to do? A whole lot of papers and probably seven or eight different scissors (jupp... kind of nuts! I know... But they are all so good for different things ;)) So the result of paper meets scissor finally came out as a little branch for the cute bird.
This is probably not the colors I most often use, but infuenced by spring and sunshine they sort of spoke to me this time. Yellow has for a long time been a hard color for me to use alongside with purple and orange... But sometimes you just gotta give it a go! ;)

Have a great day everyone and thanks for stopping by! :)

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Jozebelle sa...

Wow it was real good I love that picture it says so much! Then I like the colours and details make feel the spring!

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