tisdag 27 mars 2012

.:Love you like my own:.

I have the great pleasure of having a little one in my life again. She's as cute as a button, has the cutest little laughter and puts on the sweetest smile lighting up the whole room when we meet.
Her name is Hilda and she's soon to be 10 months old. Her mom is one of my best friends and I get to be aunty to this sweet little baby girl since her mom has been like a sister to me for a very long time.  
We share so many memories. Serious, funny and some of them quite crazy but all cherished ones to be remembered with laughter and rosy cheeks ;)
One of those odd memories we have together is that we injured a knee/foot on the same day, went to the hospital and ended up with crutches. Meeting that same day for lunch we realized (after laughing ourselves into a pile on the floor) how ridiculous we looked now together...
We decided to take turns in public walking on crutches... Turned out to be a stupid and pretty painful experience in the end. But back then... Appearances were a huge issue to be considered. We really felt that stupid walking on crutches together that we'd rather be in pain than look weird?!
So picture this: Two girls walking around at the mall giggeling hysterically. One on crutches and the other one limping and trying hard to walk normal but holding on to anything steady she passes!
Jupp.. That's us! Two nuts in one shell.
13 years ago I practically lived at her house. So much and so often that her newborn son at that time called us both mom and had daddy pretty confused there for a while trying to sort out how to explain this later on in life ;) Poor guy. We didn't make things easy for him... ha ha
Anyhow... Today my kids have turned 4 and 6 and it feels great having them grown up a bit and being able to talk to them and have them do certain things all by them selves ;)
But with this little one I can sort of have it all! I meen all the good stuff without the hard parts! All I have to do is be around her for laughter and playtime and at night when she decides not to sleep mommy takes her and then again the next day I get to be there for the sunshine moments! :) I guess this must be like beeing a grandmother? ;) Getting all the fun and easy parts with love and laughter and then turning them over to their parents again for the normal daily stuff? I almost feel bad now!

I've created a page with this adorable little child in my life...
text: Love you like my own.

I took this picture of her when she turned five months.

What a glory to be blessed with kids! And now I get to be godmother and aunty to this sweet one too. Love her sister and brother just the same! So there's gonna be alot of time and love spent together and fortunately we all get along! Kids, dads and moms so this is gonna be a great year :)

Hope you all have a great day! Thanks for stopping by ;)

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