fredag 16 mars 2012

.:For old times sake:.

Sometimes I wonder... (or actually... I'm always thinking about suff ;)) What did I do last year? I'm thinking scrapwise ;) So I started looking througt layouts, cards and alters. And I'm actually amazed about several things! Different styles, techniques and colourmixes. So I decided to blog a bit about it.

Here it goes :)

first out three different layouts all containing chipboard of different shapes and styles.

An altered round box for saving money. HUGE! I know! ;) But extremely smart choise since the savings goes to scrapbooking! *lol*

Family pics surrounded by cutout details and homemade flowers...

My sweet little baby girl... I drew the frame an then colord it with all bright and happy colors all found in the photo.
A birthdaycard for a little prins. A spring birthday and a cute Magnolia Stamp colored with watercolors.
A layout done for a guest DT assignment.
Two birthdaycards för a little boys colored with PRO Markers.

Me and Annette from Magdas. For two years I designed at the Magdas Team. And today she still is one of my closest friends. Therefor the text: friends for a reason. The story of how we met and conected stays in my heart forever.
A card made with disresspads and different layers of stamps.

For a happy little 5 year old boy. Stamp from the greeting farm and dies from Spellbinders and Tim Holtz.
Clean and simple wirh some handmade flowers, washi tape, metal embellishments and som satin and lace to soften the look a bit ;)

The love of my life. Creating a layout in pale colours and finiching up with a touch og deep red :)
A card filled with hours of work *lol* It may look simple, but on all the small details in the paper there's crackle accents and glitter stickles. The motif is a result of five different stamps over a distressed square.

Clean and simple for a change :) But still... I couldn't really let go... So a few hommade flowers just had to be added ;)

I can't help it ;)

Trying new things. Mist and flowers made out of fabrics and laces. This definetly stayd with me for a while! Loved making those flowers! ;)
Found my pens again.. And out came mushrooms and flowers?! Named the layout "living within". And the journaling under tells about the cravings sometimes for "doodling". And out comes one thing after another and not always explainable ;)
And then a quite talking piece of my son. The clown of the family and with his great sence of humor and facegames he always puts a huge smile on my face! This was supposed to be a picture to send at christmastime... Turned out to be just loads of fun instead *lol* In the little envelope there is a letter telling the store for him to reed in the future.

And a almost white one with the man in my life.

A homemade box with different kinds of homemade flowers and ribbons for one of my classes just to show how much you can create with just two papers and som glue ;)
Making easter birdhouses with the kids :)

Flowery explosion after a sketch.
Handmade box with handmade flowers :)

"living in the moment"
love theese flowers! So easy to make!

Clean and simlpe and with a cute girly stamp from the greeting farm.

Homemade "stamp" (by me) colored with PRO Markers for Christmas.
Another one.. This time with just text and a snowflake.
And then one of my little creations that popped out of my pen. I have no idea if he's a owl or a raindeer *lol* But I liked him. So last year he figured on a few christmascards ;) Made a pop-up frame and flowers to make them feel at home ;)

And then a BOM about "just beeing me"

My little pirate ;)

Summer sweet boy of mine! Jupp, I sort of went nuts again stamping and cutting on this one! ;)
For a contest were there had to be stamps and some sort of fabric included :)

"circle of life"
a early picture of a mini mini me...
Again... Stamping and cutting... ;) (for swedish champion 2010)
A layout where averything had to be made out of paper. Everything!  (for swedish champion 2010)

One of my doodeled "friends". This one was feetured as a stamp in the first collection out of two.

Amazing how things change in time... And so much fun to go through old stuff and remeber where you were and what it evolved to years later.

Now time to celebrate friday and plan for the weekend.
Tonight family dinner and lit candles.
After a week of kids with a cold we're worth it! ;)

Huge hugs to all of you and have th BEST weekend!

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Kruttan sa...

Åh så mycket fint du gjort.

Lena B sa...

Vilka fina alster du gjort! Du är en riktig konstnär!

Vårhälsningar från Österbotten / Lena B

Lagene sa...

Love all your creations....congrats on being a semi finalist at Heartfelt Creations....

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