torsdag 22 mars 2012

.:A card holding a hug:.

Had a little thing happening when I made this card.... Stamping with the right colours (for watercoloring) on watercolorpaper with just the right amount of space around them for prechosen dies...
Now... Watercolors ready... And as soon as I started coloring I realized my huge mistake!
Wrong paper! Mumbling a few not happy words, staring at theese prestamped figures (about eight of them) wondering why I had to be so prepared this time?! I had cleaned all the stamps already, stored them away in their right places and packed all the stuff away for a nice happy painting moment....
Mumbling again... Then after a moments thinking (and som more mumbling) I decided to try and make the best of it. The thing with this paper is that it "bleeds" more than a thinner one. So coloring inside the lines i just not happening! But with determination and stubborness you can come a loooong way ;)
And here's how the card turned out in the end:
A not so happy beginning tured out to be an okay ending ;) So... If you run in to trouble along the way? It's not always necessary to start all over again. Sometimes you just have to look at it in a different way and then take it from there. Sort of happens to me all the time! ;) But doing things diffrently takes us to new exiting places and perhaps we even get to learn somthing along the way?

I've heard that if you learn ONE new thing every day it helps your mind stay focused and "young" :)
So I choose to se this as a new thing I learned that day! ;)

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day out there!
Hugs/ Karin

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Pysselbus sa...

Superfint!! Det syns inte alls att det är "fel" papper... Och det motivet är så sött!


linda sa...

What beautiful works! What a cutie on that scrapbook page below! Just another semi-finalist dropping by to wish you luck!

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