torsdag 2 januari 2014

.:Inkido Blog Hop:.

Hi Everyone,
I hope that all of you have had a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year.
Starting today over at the Inkido blog is a new Blog Hop!
So just hop on over there for more instructions and rules.
This event will start today the 2'nd of January and continue on til the 4th of January.
.:Short about me:.
My name is Karin.
I live in Sweden with my family.
I started Scrapbooking 2004 and I still love it.
My style varies.. But mostly I keep coming back to a romantic, shabby style.
I started designing for Inkido 2013and I'm really happy to be part of the Team even 2014.
It's such an awesome group of talented girls and I feel honored to be a part of it.
All the different personalities and styles makes the blog such a unique place of inspiration for almost everyone.  

We are so happy that you've joind our Blog Hop at Inkido.
You can follow the link above to the original blogpost where all rules etc.
.:Now a short list of three different things:.
Three of my favorite sayings:
-If you can´t choose... Take or do both!
-Better regret something you did than someting you did'nt do!
-Smile! -It confuses people ♥
.:My top three things to collect:.
(for NO reason and with no good explanation to why I might add)
-Sea Shells.
-Stones in all forms and shapes.
-Watershaped glass pieces.
.:Three things I do when nobody's near or watching:.
-I sing in my car...
-I do random kind things for people just because it's a great feeling
seeing someone happily surpriced for no special reason...
-I make lists... To do, to scrap, movies I'd like to see, places I wish to go to, goals, upcoming crafty project etc...
So... Now back to the yummy stuff!
The great part of this blog hop is that besides getting to know things about a sweet group of people you all have the chance of winning som great prizes!
1st, 2nd & 3rd price!
I've seen them... And they are all lovely!
And yes! If you've recently jumped over from Irenas blog your in the right place ;)
Have a great day! Enjoy the Blog Hop and remember to smile! ♥
Huge hugs from Karin

The Blog Hop List:

19 kommentarer:

Ёжики (Yogiki-jl) sa...

It’s very interesting blog-hop! Nice to meet you!

Tone K. sa...

Godt Nytt År !!
Så hyggelig å lese om deg :) Jeg likte veldig godt de ordtakene dine :)

Наталья Шалыгина sa...

Nice to meet you!

Hera sa...

A wonderful year to you Karin!!! So much love, health and inspiration!!!

Bellaidea sa...

:), looks like we sing together!

Irit Shalom sa...

Totally lovely!
Happy NewYear!

Monica sa...

I'm smiling! Happy New Year.

Unknown sa...

Greetings from Texas. I love your lists. Nice to meet you.

Magda Wisiorek sa...

Nice to meet you, I'm very glad to be here! Greets, Magda :)

langeatheart sa...

Wonderful bloghop and it's a pleasure to meet you. Happy New Year and all the best!

Elfi sa...

It is so funny to hop arround and meet nice people like you. thanks I'm smiling
Hugs Elfi

Elin Larsson sa...

soo great to hear a little about you!

Elaine coustley sa...

Just adore the candle boxes & I liked your list, it did make me SMILE. x

just another day sa...

Good to know a little about you - will be great working with you ...xo

LikaColorful sa...

Totally lovely!
Happy NewYear!

natashka sa...

Happy New Year!

Анастасия Паньшина sa...

Happy new year! Thank you for an interesting journey!

Beatrice Lawson sa...

Nice to meet, Happy New Year!

Татьяна Кравченко sa...

Nice to meet you. Your work is wonderful.

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