fredag 27 september 2013

.:My first Christmas Spirit:.

Hi Everyone!
Today I'll show you my first two Chrismascards for 2013.
What a lovely way to start this seasons cardmaking with brand new papers from the new Inkido Christmas line.
I took one of the favorite bits of a paper and framed it before adding the decorations.

The second card is a softer one without any black details.
Every card I make for Christmas is thought out for a special person.
Making them for each and every one at a time makes them all so different and thats probably why I like doing so many of them.
A productive year that means around 50-100 cards leaving my desk right before Christmas Eve.
And yes... I Love Christmas! ;)
All papers and stamps are from Inkido.

Isn't she just to cute? A happy smile, falling snow and just the right amount of Christmas feeling in the picture...

To all of you Happy Wishes for a lovely friday and a great weekend up ahead ♥
Huge hugs!
/ Karin~Kajsan

3 kommentarer:

Enköpings Pyssel sa...

Fantastiskt fina julkort!! Det översta tror jag att jag kommer sno designen på :).

Kram Ulrica
( ifrån Enköpingspyssel )

Chris_P sa...

Mycket snyggt!! Det översta är bara sååå fint!

Kia sa...

Åh, så inspirerad jag blir!
Och gissa om jag ska scraplifta dej för att sätta snurr på mej - jag har visserligen inte det vackra den vackra dien har jag! Och en liknande bladswirl!

I´m a fan, you know!
Kram Kia

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