fredag 13 september 2013

.:Card for Scrap Battle part 2:.

Hi everyone!
Friday and time for revealing the results in the European competition...
♥ I MADE IT! ♥
This is the card I entered with.
and now I can share the background to this card with you ;)
I chose the word "SOUL" for this one.
My thougt making her was to give the feeling of a deep soul.
She has more underneath than what shows on the outside.
And on the other hand she has the ability of looking strait into your soul...
She was supposed to represent this:
Don't make the outside decide what the inside holds.
Inside every soul lies a hidden fortune...
You just have to give it a chance to make it to the surface ♥
And so this is what became of the original idea.
She was born during my lunchbreak...
And now she's in full color taking me to the next step.. Huge hugs for all of you who voted.
Every vote makes a differece and makes the outcome all the more accurate!
Have a great friday and a lovely weekend ♥

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Sinikka sa...

du fick sååååå min röst. Kände igen kortet tack vare färgen i håret :-)

Anonym sa...

Snyggt! Du har fångat Cher på pricken :) Kram ♥

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