onsdag 26 augusti 2015


Hi everyone,
I scared myself yesterday...
I hurt my right hand during shopping.
I headed out for lunch and got a sallad over at the supermarket.
On my way to pay for it I guess I had my eyes on the target an didn't  see the edge of a steel basket holding cold sodas.
I touched the corner of the basket. I guess pretty hard and unlucky...
The pain after that was worse than the time I broke four fingers.
I thought for sure that my hand was in way worse shape than back then.
After a couple of hours I finally decided to get an appointment to a doctor.
The pain just wouldn't go away.
Lucky enough I got an appointment in just a couple of hours.
(sort of wanted to cut my hand of during that time though...)
Such a stupid thing to do and such an unnecessary injury!
I really scared myself.
-What if I can't use my right hand again as I've used to?!
-What if the stupid thing I did will influence my future creating process?!
-What have I done? -What did I just do?
Finally it's my turn to see the doctor.
Nervously I enter his office.
He smiles at me.
-So... What have we here?
I really just want to cry and tell him that I think I just broke one of my most valuable tools...
But the smile is on and I tell him about the stupid thing I did.
He looks at me... Takes my hand and starts bending, feeling and examine every little part of each and every finger... I stop breathing for a while...
It doesn't hurt that much now though...
I look up at him nervously waiting for him to do that move that hurts in the way I fear it will...
But intresting enough it starts to fade..
The pain is still there, but in way smaller form.
All fingers and muscles are working.
He can't find anything broken.
I just had a really unlycky strike at a couple of nervs, bones and tendons.
But it's all intact :) It's gonna heal just fine.
Went home, put some ice on my hand and today it feels so much better.
Still scared myself alot though.
I really really love crafting.
And the feeling of loosing the ability of using my right hand to the fullest makes me appriciate things a little bit more now.
So happy crafting to all of you ♥
We are all lucky to have this ability ;)
Hugs hugs and thanks for stopping by.

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ike sa...

Eeek !!! I am soooo glad that you did not injure yourself badly ! I too would be very upset if I did some real damage to my hands so that I could not craft.

Hop it feels better now :-)

IKE in Greece xxxxx

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