torsdag 29 augusti 2013

.:Fly like an eagle:.

This is my first layout contribution in -The European Scrap Battle 2013
I was so nervous about missing a rule och crossing one! ;)
The Beautiful eagle is one of my absolute favorite wild animals. There is so much symbolism arond this gorgeous creature. Where I live we have a pair of eagles flying in over our house and from there circling the warm upwinds up to a hight where they are just small black spots, before they fly out to sea again.

::Chasing your Dreams you have to reach for the sky....
Spread your wings and fly like an eagle::
The votinng time is now up for this round..
So now we all just hold our breaths on being one of the lucky ones
who get to compete in the next round ;)
Huge hugs and good luck everyone!

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