onsdag 3 mars 2010

.:Going international:.

(Text will follow i english)
Då jag fått frågan lite så och då om engelsk text här i bloggen så har jag nu tänk att göra ett försök :)
One of my latest LO's for Magdas :)

Love theese pics... He had the funniest little expressions quite early and even today at the age of 2 he's still the little clown of our famliy ♥

Lately he's trying different dance moves ;) Witch brings quite a few smiles and laughs from the sofa and the delighted rest of the family...

Have a great day everyone and I hope the language is ok to read ;)


2 kommentarer:

Диана sa...

I really like, very nice !!!!! A charming was a baby !!!!!!!!!

Ensamma mamman sa...

O va fint du har gjort i bloggen. Och vilket litet charmtroll du har på bilderna. Helt underbar! Kram

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