onsdag 4 april 2012

.:Crafting besides scrapbooking:.

Sometimes I see things and suddenly feel that: I wanna do that! Is it just me or do some of you get that feeling? The sudden urge of creating! ;) So.. My most recent new projects are ceramic and crochet.

I joined a little group of wonderful people in a ceramics class close to where I live. It's a place I wish I could actually be more than just once a week. The surroundings are heavenly. Near a river, small old cottages and wide meadows outlined by large oaktrees. It's like taking a step back in time.

Anyhow... This is the first two "things" I've made:
One small bowl for perheps snaxs, olives or candy.
And number two is a small plate. I've used my scrapbooking stamps to give it some character. Two little pigs. And the plan for this one was to have on the bedroomtable for jewlery keeping and for other small stuff laying around.
Then I saw theese cute hats for the kids. Can't be that hard to make? ;) So I tried.. And here's how they turned out. (I also made a pink one, but a little kid of mine snatched it before I had taken a pic.)
The little man in the house wanted a black and grey one... When finished he said: Mom I think I really want another one... So number two for him:

Little muchroom boy ;)

Now time to seize the day!
Have a wonderful day everyone!

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midnightscrap sa...

Jätte snyggt! Man kan ju inte hålla sig till bara en hobby ;O)

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